Page Templates

In WordPress, you can write either posts or pages. When you’re writing a regular blog entry, you write a post. Posts automatically appear in reverse chronological order on your blog’s home page. Pages, on the other hand, are for content such as „About Me,“ „Contact Me,“ etc. Pages live outside of the normal blog chronology, and are often used to present information about yourself or your site that is somehow timeless – information that is always applicable. You can use Pages to organize and manage any amount of content.

WordPress can be configured to use different Page Templates for different Pages. Toward the bottom of the Write > Page administration panel (or on the sidebar, depending on which version of WordPress you are using) is a drop-down labeled „Page Template.“ From there you can select which Template will be used when displaying this particular Page.

[contentbox headline=““ type=“info“]This themes comes with sevaral different templates for pages. Each of them for a specific functionality. Use the dropdown menu to explore the different templates.[/contentbox]

Read more about page templates on the WordPress Codex